Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's '09

I guess better late than never, Happy New Year to everyone who is visiting this blog! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and wish you a safe and great year.

Just few days before celebrating the New Year in Times Square,
I had a chance to watch the Nets-Bulls game in Jersey. It's never been this entertaining watching the Bulls since the post-Jordan era. Derrick Rose led the Bulls over the Nets with his career high 13 assists and a couple of freakish drives to the basket that looked way too easy. Can you imagine him with a range in a couple of years? unstoppable... Big ups to my man Dice for hooking me up with the game and a once in a lifetime New Year's experience in NYC.

Now moving onto '09 I will continue posting entries to shed some light on fresh kicks that you will find here first and some basketball related stories so keep checking back.


タイムズスクエアで新年を迎える数日前、ニュージャージーでネッツ対ブルズの試合を観ました。ブルズはジョーダン時代以来、初めておもしろいチームになって来たんじゃないでしょうか。デリックローズのキャリアハイの13アシストと、いとも簡単に見えるドライブで勝敗はブルズに軍配があがりました。あと数年で彼がジャンプシュートを身につけたらどうなるのか?止めらんないですね!Dice, ゲームのチケット、そしてNYCでの楽しい時間ありがとう。


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