Monday, March 23, 2009

Sky Walker

Bill Walker of the Celtics came through with a pair of Make It Rain on his feet. He had one thing to say about the shoes: "It's so comfortable that it puts me to sleep." 'nuff said...

セルティックス所属のビルウォーカーがMake It Rainを履いて登場。

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Union Speed II

If you live in Japan, you've probably seen this shoe already on court and at retail stores. I figured I'd post them up since it was not released outside of Japan. This model is a step brother to Make It Rain - a lighter version for quick guards for those who play Bukatsu ball. It shares the same outsole/ midsole design as its predecessor, with an improved rubber compound that is little more grippier.

日本に住んでいる人はもう既にコートやお店で見かけたかもしれない。日本国外では発売されなかったので紹介します。このモデルはMake It Rainの弟分として部活でプレーするスピードタイプのガード選手の為に誕生。前モデルと同じミッドソールとアウトソールを使用し、ラバーコンパウンドをすこし変えてグリップが向上。

What's unique about this shoe is the construction. Free floating webbing, or what I call 'fingers' create support for the midfoot, while the monomesh underneath give plenty ventilation to let the heat out. I guess "hot" kicks don't always have to literally be that way.