Friday, July 18, 2008

Reebok Answer XII Revealed

Reebok Answer marks its 12th year this year since the first release in '97. The new Answer XII was built for the player who was known as a star pointguard AND a star quarterback in Hampton, VA. This shoe represents what Iverson the QB would wear on basketball court. The way he plays basketball is not so different from the way he plays football.

"I'm a football player man, so contact is nothing to me... That's what it's about you know, that's what the (basketball) game is about." -Allen Iverson (from interview with ESPN).


"俺はフットボールプレーヤーだから、接触は俺にとってはなんでもない。そもそもそういうもんだろバスケのゲームは。” -アイバーソン(ESPNのインタビューより)。


Rashad said...

Aww man. Need to see more.
Looking very good. Im excited.

Maddcross said...
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Maddcross said...

Stay tuned for some pics on unique outsole design. This is one of the best performing bball shoe in recent years.